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While the foundation of development and progress is being laid everywhere in India, on the other hand, the foundation of development is in the struggle to cross the new thinking and first efforts of the youth. Rather, it has the ability to create its own resources and production, and the government which is ready for this youth power and the government’s own national interest scheme, which helps in generating employment, proves to be effective to the extent that India has developed in many developed countries. Leaving the economy behind, it has achieved a new place and in this contribution, agriculture has played an important role and the main reason for this is the modern trend in agriculture as well as the important trend of youth towards agriculture. To keep not only the youth but for every class of people, a training program which is ready to give new and right guidance is called SETA FOODS Our organized group work starts that lowest class of society With whom to raise resources for own income It was economical and the storm always comes in the way. This training program is designed in such a way that in a very short time and cost, one can master himself in modern agriculture.

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