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Seta Pal Women’s Protein Powder


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SETA PAL / Womens Protein Powder/ Herbal Protein Powder/ Immunity Booster/ Enriched with Protiens & MInerals. /No Added Preservatives / 100% Natural/ Dried Mushrooms Powder.

Net Weight 100g

When fine-tuning their wellness routines, busy women often look for actions that have multiple benefits. Aerobic exercise, for example, helps you maintain a healthy weight, keeps your heart, bones, and muscles strong, and increases the delivery of oxygen to the cells within your body. Time allocated for exercise is time well spent—an investment in your present and future health.
Mushrooms are another healthy habit that can bring multiple benefits to your wellness routine. They contain protein, vitamins, and minerals, but very little fat. Functional mushrooms, those valued as medicinal mushrooms for centuries, have additional benefits due to their unique bioactive compounds. Besides their nutrients, these mushrooms support a variety of wellness goals. Here are six mushroom benefits for women
1. Metabolic Health
2. Gut Flora
3. Brain Support
4. Beauty
5. Immune System
6. Relaxation

Benefits of intaking SETA PAL :-
1. To be increase iron & calcium.
2. Beneficial and development of bone and Muscle health of children.
3. Rich in Protein, Vitamin & Minerals.
4. To be Increase Vitamin-D & Folic Acid


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