Hydroponics with us

Seta Foods and Agro  is becomes synonymous  to hydroponic farming  in India.  Since inception  it takes 3 years of hard work to become renowned hydroponic farming  company. Seta Foods and Agro has becomes single source for reliable supplies for end to end  hydroponics supplies in India. From home hydroponics kits to setup of commercial hydroponics in india. With the goal of “Making  Hydroponic Easy” we are giving our best to our customer.

Hydroponics Farming in India

Hydroponics farming in india is in very native stage. Hydroponics farm in india are basically operated on soilless media.  Most of people consider growing crops in Grow mix take as  hydroponics setup. However few commercial hydroponics in india on NFT system are also commercially successful.   Hydroponic growing system suits sustainable farming model of india as it dose not effect environment as conventional farming. The less uses of water makes its more suitable.

Hydroponics for Home

Hydroponics system is gaining its deserving popularity in india. Home hydroponics system is in demad in india.  Keeping  in mind the requirement of  domestic requirement  Seta Foods & Agro providing small and simple NFT based Hydroponics system.  Our  home hydroponics system start from 28 plant systems. With the understanding of beginner customer these systems are simply plug and play type with no complex electronics.  From 28 plants to 1080 planter you can find  Home  hydroponics system that are suitable for your terrace hydroponics.  

Get it made exclusively for you.  

Yes you get it right as increasing demand of rooftop hydroponics in india we understand the need and providing  best solution for hydroponic terrace farming.  We know each terrace is different  from one another.

Cost of Setting up a Hydroponics form in India

Cost of setting up a hydroponic farm in india depends up on  various factor.  Factors such as type of green house, Automation, Hydroponics system (NFT or Bag culture) are play major roles. Seta Foods & Agro specialized in designing  hydroponics business plan for india.   We are putting all our efforts to improve  indian hydroponics, and reduce costing hydroponic cultivation in india. Commercial hydroponic setup cost in india is start from 18 lakh for 500 Sqmt of area. 

Commercial hydroponic farming should be based on Return on Investment (ROI). Here in Seta Foods & Agro we are doing exactly the same thing. We design commercial hydroponic farming systems which are bankable and able to meet commercial success.

Aquaponics Systems

Seta Foods & Agro Brings all our expertise to implement sustainable aquaponics based projects. As RAS system has already gained population in India, market is now demanding healthy plant as well as protein based diet. It is well known that Aquaponics based plants are free from harmful plant fertilizer and more healthy. Similarly aquaponics fish as easily marketable in compare to normal fish. here in Seta Foods & Agro we are building client based system irrespective of size. Our focus is to be fit under client budget and provide them ROI based solution. 

Aquaponics is the integration of recirculating aquaculture and hydroponics in one production system. In an aquaponic unit, water from the fish tank cycles through filters, plant grow beds and then back to the fish . In the filters, the fish wastes is removed from the water, first using a mechanical filter that removes the solid wasteand then through a biofilter that processes the dissolved wastes. The biofilter provides a location for bacteria to convert ammonia, which is toxic for fish, into nitrate, a more accessible nutrient for plants. plants uptake these nutrients, and finally the water returns to the fish tank purified. This process allows the fish, plants, and bacteria to thrive symbiotically and to work together to create a healthy growing environment for each other, provided that the system is properly balanced.

Advantage of Aquaponics

  1. Sustainable and intensive food production system.

  2. Two agricultural products (fish and vegetables) are produced from one nitrogen source

  3. Extremely water efficient.

  4. Does not require soil.

  5. Does not use fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

  6. Higher yields and qualitative production.

  7. Organic􀀎like management and production.

  8. Higher level of biosecurity and lower risks from outer contaminants.

  9. Higher control on production leading to lower losses.

  10. Can be used on non􀀎arable land such as deserts, degraded soil or salty, sandy islands.

  11. Creates little waste.