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Shatavar Churna


1. Applying powder of cold herb with rose water on the face, it works as a cleanser. It removes freckles and black spots.

2. If someone has pimples, mix asparagus powder in milk and apply a paste. This will help eliminate bacteria.

3. Cold also works to heal wounds. The antioxidants and glutathione present in it protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and from pollution.

4. Cold contains antioxidants and elements called glutathione which slows down the ageing process. Taking a spoon with a glass of milk every night at night keeps skin tight.

5. Folate also has a plentiful element in the cold. Due to this, vitamin B12 deficiency is completed in the body.

6. It also proves effective in removing physical weakness. If you take half a teaspoon of asparagus powder daily in the morning or at night with lukewarm milk, then other physical deficiencies will go away.

7. Grind cold powder and sugar candy together and take five grams of it daily with cow’s milk. Doing this brings strength. Also, the lack of blood in the body ends.

8. People who have bladder problems should take half a teaspoon of asparagus powder with bunion powder. This causes problems like burning in urine, bleeding etc.

9. Cold powder contains an element called sulforaphane. It helps in avoiding cancer.

10.Shatavar contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements. It contains many soluble fibres.

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